Intro ELT: 4–12

The Intro ELT: 4–12 program is a series of six sequential modules on key topics in English Language Teaching to school children from grades 4 to 12.

The interactive, self-study modules encourage the participants to reflect on their own teaching experience and context and see how they could apply the new approaches, techniques, and methodologies.

The online materials are available to review as often as required and participants control the pace of the module receiving immediate feedback for every exercise.

Program details: 6 self-study online modules with an estimated duration of 5 hours each

Program description: All of the modules are based on the idea of experiential learning with participants drawing on their previous experience to better understand their introduction to new approaches and methodologies and think of ways to use the new techniques with their students. All of the six modules contain three topics with the key information needed for the teaching of EFL to pre-teens and teenagers and a final evaluation which is supported with reference material and a study guide.

Available Modules:

1. Introduction to Teaching English to Pre-Teens and Teens
2. Effective Classroom Management of Pre-Teens and Teens
3. Developing Reading and Writing Skills in English
4. Presenting and Practicing the English Language
5. Using Songs and Games to Motivate Pre-Teens and Teens
6. Projects and Evaluation in the English Class

Suitable for teachers with:

• Experience teaching young learners aged nine to eighteen
• A minimum CEFR B1 level of English
• Availability to devote an estimated 5 hours to each module
• Access to a computer with Internet connection


• $15 USD for one module or $50 USD for all six.

For more information about prices, discounts, and group rates, please contact your local UDP consultant or write to