The Specialized English Teacher Training (SETT) tutor-led courses are designed specifically to help in-service teachers of English become specialists in their chosen educational context. In each six-week module, the online, international community of teachers is led by an expert teacher trainer. Together they explore their own experience, learn best practice and theory, and then apply their new knowledge.

English for the Classroom

Development of classroom language for the teaching of English.

L2 Literacy

Key pedagogical principles for teaching reading and writing skills in a second language.

Children as Language Learners

Theory and practice on how to support children’s natural language learning process.

Teaching Preschool and Primary Children

Practical tools and techniques for teaching young children.

Assessment: Preschool and Primary Children

Selection and implementation of age-appropriate assessment tools.

Teaching Teenagers

Key concepts and practical techniques for the teaching of students at this unique stage of development.

Assessment: Teenagers

Creation and implementation of formative assessment tools.

CLIL, Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Introduction to bilingual teaching using a CLIL approach.

CLIL: How to Teach Science

Techniques for integrating the teaching of science and English.

CLIL: How to Teach Arts & Crafts

Techniques for integrating the teaching of art and English.

Suggested minimum language requirement: B1

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