Plataforma UDP Global

1. What is UDP Global?

UDP Global is a digital educational platform that makes the process of teaching and learning dynamic and flexible. UDP Virtual Learning Environment allows teachers to assign interactive activities, create their own assignments and forums, assess and share grades and comments with their students. University of Dayton Publishing digital content is hosted in UDP Global. Students and teachers can access their e-books, play the audio e-books, highlight content, write notes, complete digital activities and use all of the features that UDP Global offers them*.

This Learning Management System (LMS) created by University of Dayton Publishing can be used online or offline thanks to the UDP Global App that is available for teachers and students. This feature is a great asset when connectivity is poor or frequently interrupted.

*Digital Content varies per series, please check our catalogue for full details on the digital content that your course offers.

2. What is inside UDP Global?

- Digital books for students and teachers
- Digital content to enhance the learning experience
- Traceability for the teacher of their students’ activity in the platform (scores, submission notifications, forums contributions, assignments completitions, etc.)
- Management module for the school administration to generate reports of the school general activity in the platform.

3. How do I register in UDP Global?

To make use of UDP Global virtual learning environment, you first have to register. Open your preferred browser and go to www.udpglobal.com. Go to the top right corner of the page and select your country.

On the right of your country’s flag, you’ll find the access module to the platform. Select the “register” option and follow the instructions.

- If you already have a user name and password, just type your login information into the acces module to access the virtual learning environment.

4. Where can I find UDP Global’s contents?

To access the digital educational content from your courses, you first have to log in to the digital environment. Open your preferred browser and go to www.udpglobal.com. Go to the top right corner of the page and select your country.

Log in to your account. Select your course from the “My library” section. You will access the table of contents of your course. Select a unit or section, you will find different tabs that offer a wide range of different educational content.

5. What are the technical requirements to join UDP Global?

To join UDP Global you need to have one of the following web navigators: Firefox 24, Chrome 31, IE 10, Safari 5.0 para Mac o Safari iOS 6.x.
UDP Global can be operated on PC or Mac, IPad o Android tablets.
For the use of the offline UDP application, you must download the app to your device.

6. How many books can I register?

Teachers and students can register more than one UDP book. The digital codes are distributed to students with the purchase of the printed book or digital book. Teachers need to contact their UDP Consultant to request their licenses to access the digital educational content.

Every student license has a valid period of 12 months. You don’t have to register every year, just redeem the new code and you will have access for another 12 months.

Teachers will have their licenses as long as they use UDP materials.

7. How can I recover my password?

Click on the “I forgot my password” button and follow the instructions.

8. How can I use UDP Global in the offline mode?

UDP Global offers you the possibility to access the digital educational content hosted on the platform without an internet connection through the “UDP Global” App. UDP Global App is available for tablets and desktops. To download the app and login in to the app, it is necessary to have an internet connection and a login information for the platform. Open your preferred browser and go to www.udpglobal.com. Go to the top right corner of the page and select your country.

In the top bar, next to the contact link you will find the link to download the “offline” App.
Select the icon of your operating system and follow the instructions on the file to set up the app on your computer.